PlaceTrack, the best full-featured location sharing platform

safely share your location with the people you trust, in real time

You are in control: you set who sees your current location or who has access to your location history. Optionally, you can share with anyone through secret web urls (no app required)

single backend, multiple clients: iOS, Android, Apple Watch, Webapp, hw GPS trackers(*)

The native PlaceTrack app is available for both iPhone, Apple Watch and Android smartphones but you can even access and manage your contacts' location and your location history in a modern, responsive, web portal.

passive and battery friendly

Run in the background with no noticeable impact on battery life. Your location is periodically updated as you move significantly

live, rich data

Location data can include location history, speed, altitude, whether you’re walking, running, moving in a vehicle or resting. You can force a contact’s device to immediately send a fresh location when needed

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Some of the features

Track your loved ones, check the speed they are travelling, get directions to their current location, view a street level picture of any place they’re are or they have been...

Excellent Battery Usage

On supported devices, PlaceTrack uses SLC mode (Significant Location Change) and region monitoring instead of continuous background. On iPhone, PlaceTrack is suspended in the background and is woken up only when you move significantly (detected using cell towers signal). On all devices, GPS hardware usage is optimized to preserve battery and is powered off most of the time.

Secure Sharing

Only the people you authorize can access you location. Location sharing works using address book phone numbers, users are authenticated through an sms code on their first activation so that incoming sharing requested cannot be spoofed. Your data, including your phone number and location, is always sent on a secure connection (ssl) and is never shared with any third party.

Location History

PlaceTrack can store your location history for later viewing, optionally share the last 24 hours with your authorized contacts or even automatically publish your location data to secret web urls for web sharing.

Third party services integration

iOS version includes Foursquare and Facebook support. You can see your friends' checkins on the map, you can share your location on Twitter, SMS, email, Facebook, you can manually or automatically Check In to your favourite Foursquare or Facebook places (PlaceTrack is optimized to use iOS geofencing features)

Force contact location update

you can ask for a location update from a contact and the backend platform will use any available client os feature to silently ask your contact device for a new location update.

Delayed Sync

PlaceTrack stores your locations when network is unreachable and pushes them to the PlaceTrack servers when you're back online.